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Roofing is a part of home upkeep. If you’re considering buying a new roof for your house, get in touch with our roofers in Detroit right away. The earlier you take action, the more likely it is that you will be able to select a builder who will collaborate with you to create a roof that satisfies both your needs and your budget. Our roofing contractors in Detroit may also be able to help with other aspects of house maintenance, such as insulation installation or leak repair. These treatments can be quite helpful if they are carried out correctly and frequently. If they are not properly maintained, these flaws could eventually result in more catastrophic issues, such mould growth or water damage. When determining which roof will suit your home and lifestyle needs the best, there are several different types to consider. It is crucial to consult with our professionals before making your decision because each type of roof has benefits and drawbacks of its own.

Why do you need Roofing Services?

Investing in roofing is essential and vital for your property. If left ignored, a roof can deteriorate over time and will eventually need to be replaced. A roof may need to be replaced or repaired for a variety of reasons, including ageing, repairs following storm damage or other extreme weather events, tree branches or animals tearing at the shingles from below. Because roofs are also subject to typical wear and tear, you might need to perform regular inspections to ensure all parts are holding up. If there are problems with your current roof, you might be considering replacing it with brand-new components like metal panels, clay tiles, or asphalt shingles. If the new material is not already installed on your property, the cost of removing the old material and installing the new material is typically too high. You might periodically need to repair the gutters as well as the flashing around chimneys and vent pipes when extreme weather events like hailstorms or high winds cause leaks that impair an older system’s capacity to keep water out of the house. Because a leaking roof may result in increased heating and cooling costs, it pays to invest in high-quality repairs or replacements as needed to prevent damages from collecting over time and leading to more major losses.

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Roof Repair Detroit

Harper Woods Roofing Pros is a company that specialises in roof repair. A roof may start to deteriorate due to old age, the elements, or environmental reasons. The following are some of the most frequent causes of roof damage: 1) Age: The older your roof is, the more repairs it will need. As your roof ages, the material starts to deteriorate and rot. 2) Climate: Rain or snow can eventually turn into ice when they strike your roof’s upper surface, which can then accumulate over time, causing your shingles to disintegrate more quickly than typical as a result of years of accumulated water. 3) Environmental Factors: Hail or rain propelled by the wind can easily demolish a roof. Contact us right away if you need any roof repairs!

All of your roof repair needs can be met at our one-stop shop! We have the most competitive prices, provide free quotes, and can have someone at your door within an hour of receiving your call.

Roof Replacement Detroit

Roof replacement is an increasingly popular option for Detroit residents with a variety of different roofing needs. With so many options available, selecting the ideal option for your house may be difficult. There are numerous materials that can be used, including metal, asphalt shingles, slate tiles, concrete tiles, and wood shakes and shingles. Just a few of the numerous factors to consider when choosing a new roof include the slope of your roof, the type of shingles you currently have, and the age of your existing roof. If you need help determining which replacement option is best for you or if you have any questions, get in touch with our specialists right immediately. Roofs normally deteriorate over time and require replacement at least once every 20 years, depending on how frequently roofs erode in Michigan.


So you’re in need of a new roof in Detroit, Michigan? How do you pick which sort of material is ideal for your needs when there are so many options? For a free estimate, call now!

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Gutter Repair and Installation Detroit

Gutter repairs are a necessary, if occasionally unpleasant, part of house upkeep. Gutter installation often takes place at the beginning of setup and construction. Over time, downspout and gutter wear and tear can cause them to fill with debris or lose their seal. Sealing any cracks will assist stop water from seeping in and flooding the house throughout the winter, when snow melting can be an issue. If you decide gutter repair is necessary, it’s important to have a professional evaluate them first to make sure you don’t cause more problems than you cure! If the gutters themselves only need minor repairs or sealing, replacement may not be necessary. However, if more serious problems are found, replacement may be necessary.

Different gutter installation techniques apply depending on the type and size of gutter system you’re using. Roofing contractors will often construct a single-level gutter system for residential buildings. Usually put in a V shape at the fascia boards, these systems are fastened there with hanger nails. They are silicone sealant sealed after being cut to size with metal edge trimmers. The fundamental components of gutters that drain water from the roof are a downspout, an elbow fitting, and an overflow tube that directs water overflow away from your home’s foundation. Most often, gutters are constructed in a single continuous run along either side of your home’s exterior walls until they reach the downspouts (usually found near each corner). A typical installation requires 150 linear feet for each component, plus any additional room needed for corners or other changes in direction (say if your home has multiple levels).

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I hired Harper Woods Roofing Pros to replace my roof and I couldn’t be happier. They were always professional and never missed a deadline. The team was always on time, clean and polite. From the first inspection to the finished product, I felt in charge of what was happening and in control of my timeline. My new roof is beautiful!
John Doe
I’ve been dealing with roof leaks for over a year now and finally wanted to solve the problem. I called up Harper Woods Roofing Pros because I knew they were the best roofing company in Detroit, MI. They came out to my house and gave me a free estimate and discussed all of my options. I didn’t know that there were so many choices
Andre Porter
My experience with Harper Woods has been nothing but positive. The work is always top-notch and the customer service is unmatched. I have called up here a couple of times to ask for advice and they were more than happy to help me out, even if it wasn’t about roofing!
Alana Smith

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